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Lookout Landing Podcast 147: Taylor Trammell

The Mariners outfield prospect on joining the M’s organization, being a Black baseball player, and his Young Thug cleats

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Photo courtesy of Taylor Trammell/Twitter

0:00-15:25: A top 100 prospect joins a top one podcast. Taylor Trammell calls in from Atlanta, meaning we had to record at nine in the morning on the west coast. What physical activity caused Taylor to wake up early and without warning? Taylor also recently got engaged, and he shares that story with us. When the conversation shifts to baseball, Taylor tells us about the things he’s been focusing on this offseason.

15:30-33:40: After getting traded to Seattle, which Mariner prospects impressed Taylor the most? Kate makes Taylor re-live his experiences facing the Arkansas Travelers and drops yet another new pronunciation of Margevicius. This is the part where we learn that Taylor has an incredible baseball memory, which helps him remember the rare occasions when he’s lost his cool on the field.

33:45-47:25: What’s it like to be traded, and how did getting traded from Cincinnati to San Diego prepare him for later being traded from San Diego to Seattle? How did Yasiel Puig complicate things? Taylor peels the curtain back on the aesthetic issues that come with being traded, then reveals which Mariner jersey – which he calls “very impressive” – he’s most excited to wear. Is there any friendly competition within the team for the title of Best Dressed?

47:30-1:04:55: Griffey story! Find out which other giant of the game, besides Griffey, left Taylor starstruck. Our next question [Marc Maron voice], who are your guys? As a Black man, Taylor lists a lot of Black players as influences and mentors. Since he’s started making his way through the ranks, what has Taylor seen improve in terms of broadening MLB’s reach? What are some things that still need to be addressed? The importance of providing resources and education are the top things on the list.

1:05:00-1:21:00: Being from Atlanta, Taylor has some hard opinions on hip-hop. Check out his Young Thug inspired cleats.

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Matthew ends with the most hard-hitting questions of our time: Young Thug or Future? Outkast or Migos? Some prime early-2000s reminiscing sparks up before we sign off.

Music: “U Played” by Moneybagg Yo (feat. Lil Baby) // “Slick Talk” by JID

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