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LockedOut Landing Podcast 177: Santa’s Mailbag

If 2001 energy was a poster

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

It has, once again, been incredibly quiet on the baseball front. As the holidays rapidly approach, the general consensus is that baseball is shut down for 2021, and negotiations on a new agreement between the league and players association won’t be taking place until at least January. That, sucks. In the meantime, to counter the dreaded silence across the sport, we are here with Santa’s grab bag full of reader questions to bring the hard hitting knowledge straight to your dome piece.

Assorted Musings:

· Mariner gifts for Christmas

· CBA Negotiations

· The most depressing Mariners trivia of all time

· Cal Raleigh, stud?

· What to do with Evan White?

· Who is the oldest tenured Mariners prospect?

· Witty banter