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LockedOut Landing Podcast 176: #HardBodyJulio

Hello Seattle Mariners faithful.

It has been quiet these past several weeks. Real quiet. Too quiet. Baseball remains locked out and there has been little, if any news on that front, regarding either a new contract to be negotiated or continuing negotiations on whatever has already been drafted. Essentially, we know nothing, and it sounds like we won’t know anything until next year at the earliest. Anyways, John, Kate and I dig into the Bryant/Story discussion and weigh the pros and cons of signing one of the two remaining superstars on the market. We briefly discuss the Mariners new minor league hitting coordinator, and the changes to the major league staff. We dig into user questions about whether or not Julio is a future center fielder, and the more immediate narrative on Jarred Kelenic. John pushes back on the push back about Kelenic worries, and admits that the zips projections do not love him as much as we do. We ponder what exiting season might lie ahead for our two most heralded prospects. Lastly, we dig into the Rule 5 draft selections that got taken from the Mariners org, and exactly what we may have just given away.