A swing for the fences (and feasting on our foes)

So Oakland has made it clear that they need to clear payroll. As luck would have it, their most expensive player is Matt Olson - a player that would look great in a Mariners’ uniform. But he won’t come cheap, trade wise. The A’s usually want higher level or major league talent in trades, so here we go.

Trade: 1B Ty France and SS JP Crawford to the A’s for 1B Matt Olson. This is parting with two very good players for a franchise-type player. BTV has this as about an equal swap.

Yes, this leaves a hole in the infield - at shortstop. The big swing here is to sign Carlos Correa to 10/320 deal. So instead of France and Crawford, we now have Olson and Correa. The Mariners have the payroll flexibility to go after Correa, the best player available. Do this, and add Chris Taylor, and now how much better is this team?

It would be painful to give up two fan favorites, but the end result, I think, is more than worth it.