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Lookout Landing Podcast 175: Crawford Coin

Jare Bear
Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Hello everyone! Happy thanksgiving, or holidays, whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate or if you don’t celebrate, I hope whatever you do this week, you have some days off. That’s really all we want anyways, right? Anyhow, it’s been awfully quiet in the world of the Seattle Mariners. There’s been banter and speculation and all kinds of rumors abounding about shortstops getting PAID, but in terms of real action it’s been all but silent. But fear not! We are here to give you the Mariners content you crave.

Assorted Musings:

· Who will the Mariners sign? Will they break the bank?

· Evan loses power and goes into the void but John returns from a haunted mansion to give analysis

· Snoop Dog’s blunt roller

· Would anyone like a gently used Jake Fraley?

· Tyler Anderson chatter

· Movements in the pitching market

· Joe talks us down from the “big splash” ledge

· Suzuki, Mariner?

· The mixed results of international signings

· The merits of keeping Mitch Haniger

· Who gets traded?

· Would the Mariners like one gently used Byron Buxton?

· What kind of free agent deal does Buxton get?

· Nelson Cruz homecoming tour?

· Jarred Kelenic 2022

· JP Crawford, gold glover, crypto investor, bunker owner

· Thanksgiving banter