Feel free to crush my dreams

What if we offered the Seager sons contracts in tandem?

Here's (my assessment) of what we need for position players in order of priority:



1 OF


Kyle, quick! Pull your house off the market!!

Offering the Seagers a dual deal would be interesting. Obviously, it lets Kyle stay with the only org he's ever known and (hopefully) retire as a one-team, decade+ player. As rare as a Thanksgiving without politics, it would be a good story in it's own right. But offering the brothers a chance to play professionally together is a whole other level of cool, one the Ms should consider.

What would that look like?

We declined Kyle's ~21M option for 2022, and I have no idea if he expects that level of contract elsewhere. If he's just in it for himself, he won't come back to us on a discount. Additionally, while some media reports have Corey looking for a contract in the range of $300M, we know he's not going to make that because that is effectively Correa's number and Correa is the consensus #1 position player. Corey probably slots-in as #3 or 4 (though I'd say #3) for infielders, behind Semien and maybe Freeman. A slightly shorter deal, with an AAV close to Correa might get the job done.

The kicker is; would an opportunity for them to play together be enough grease to get the numbers to align? I see it something like this:

Kyle: 2 years/$25M, full no-trade, contingent on Corey also signing

Corey: 5 years/$165M, full no-trade, mutual option 6th year at $40M, player opt-out after 3, contingent on Kyle signing. And Corey has to know he's playing 2B (yes, JP is our guy!).

This is probably a bit of an undersell on Kyle, who did hit 35 dingers and 100RBIs last year and still plays competent defense. But he gets the bonuses of no trade, 2 years guaranteed to play with Corey, and (if he wants) the opportunity to retire as a Mariners lifer. I suspect he'd also need the chance to make DiPoto eat crow about their relationship over the past couple years.

For Corey, we acknowledge that we are paying him a few mil outside of our comfort zone, but the opportunity to have him longer (than say Semien who is older) and to get Kyle back in house and have the "feel good" story is great for the Ms. And Corey can play with Kyle, and has control of his contract the year after Kyle is done and could conceivably cash-in one more time in his career.

And we can sell to them both as the first time brothers win a World Series together.

I haven't fact-checked that last sentence, but it sure sounds good.