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Lookout Landing Podcast 174: Typical Butt Scuttling

Kyle Lewis and Large Adult Son

Hello everyone!

We are back! After a slow couple of weeks for the Seattle Mariners, the MLB season has wrapped with the Atlanta Braves defeating the notorious cheaters and karma recipient Houston Astros. After a quiet few days, the calm before the storm has begun to dissipate as the hot stove cranks up. Kate is in Arizona scouting the fall league this month, so we have prospect guru and baseball maverick Joe Doyle here to dig into the slowly heating hot stove. Jerry has been running the press circuit over the past few weeks name dropping free agents and players of interest, and we look at the who and the how much when it comes to those potential players. We talk who the Mariners might be looking at on both shorter and longer deals. We say goodbye to Yusei and ponder who might take his spot in the rotation (Sheffield? Dunn? Paxton? Matt Brash?). We talk Bryan Reynolds, former and potential future Mariners trade target. We spend a fair amount of time breaking down the outfield situation, and we each see a variety of possible scenarios moving forward depending on whom the Mariners import in the coming weeks. We talk Matt Brash, Kyle Lewis, Evan White and other guys who could be on the team out of camp but likely need a brief minor league stint for one reason or another. Lastly Evan gets philosophical on the nature of success, failure, and baseball prospects.