FPF: The Stands of Silence

With apologies to Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, and Dave Draiman

Hello October my old friend
The Mariners stay at home again

T-Mobile Park is now a quiet place
Cause the M's aren't in the playoff race
Oh their wins were higher than we'd thought
Though scored they've not
T-Mobile's stands are silence

Spring training led us to believe
No winning record we'd achieve

The regular season then was underway
James Paxton couldn't last a single day
Tommy John the arm, that should take away the pain
He'd leave the game
To hear the stands in silence

One run games became our friend
Ten inning tilts would quickly end

Advanced statistics couldn't really say
Why the team might win on any day
A lack of runs should make their record bad
No lass nor lad
Within the stands of silence

But Pythagoras was wrong
Our playoff hopes they did prolong

Game by game they sought to quell our doubt
One run wins followed a big blowout
And the M's finally did bring up JK
And let him play
In front of stands in silence

And Evan White we want to love
But Ty France has both bat and glove

This team kept playing and refused to die
Their hopes seemed hopeless, so we don't know why
Kendall Graveman couldn't turn this outcome 'round
Yet we've all found
Some hope in the stands of silence