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Lookout Landing Podcast 171: Into The Wild Blue Yonder

The Seattle Times

Hello Seattle Faithful!

It has been a whirlwind few days in Mariner land. The team pulled into a tie for the second wild card for a brief moment, before ultimately being eliminated during the final game on Sunday. It was a wild ride with basically the entire lookout landing staff in attendance in some capacity, on multiple nights. The Seattle fans kept their end of the bargain and showed up en masse, selling out the stadium for the final home stand and providing the city with a playoff atmosphere that hasn’t been felt in an era. From Pete Carroll extolling the virtues of Scott Servais on the radio, to the “Mitch For Mayor” campaign, this has felt like one of the most special times in Mariners history, even without actual playoffs to seal the deal. When all is said and done, the 2021 Seattle Mariners completed their miracle season 18 games over .500, taking meaningful, can’t miss baseball down to the final outs on October 3rd. Thank you to every fan who has listened to the podcast and supported both the site and the team during this strange, wonderful time.

Assorted Musings:

· Initial emotions at the end

· Matt Calkins article

· Is the future ace of this team on the free agent market?

· Bring back James Paxton

· Luis Torrens

· Toro at 3B?

· The maturation of Jarred Kelenic

· Who plays CF?

· Kyle Lewis!