...and they may have not been ready for the spotlight.

I actually pulled over in a gas station to write this, mostly because if things hold as they are, you cannot point to one point of failure - everyone is at fault here.

Yesterday, it was the offense and perhaps ace Marco shirking away from the spotlight.

Today, just now, it was the bullpen and the manager.

For when it was the top of the 8th, and everyone thought we had the two pitchers lined up for the final 6 outs, Sewald walked the first two batters.

In any other normal situation, sending the pitching coach to talk to Sewald makes sense.

But in a must-win situation, when Servais has had a short leash with everyone else - he let Sewald stay in. And despite getting a strikeout, Jared Walsh was up next, and I know he's just as dangerous as Ootani.

And wouldn't you know it, first pitch homer puts the Mariners behind.

The game is not over yet, there is still time for the team to survive for at least one more day. But it cannot be ignored, the team, who stated that they wanted everyone there, they wanted the cheering - also got all the pressure it came along with.

And they may have not been ready for the spotlight after all.

If they do fail, the hope is they learn from this and the next time this situation comes around, they'll be ready.

If somehow they succeed, then they have survived the trial by fire in the biggest way possible and it could galvanize the team more than anyone would ever imagine.