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10/12/21: ALDS/NLDS Open Game Thread

Some folks might be going home sad today

Division Series - Astros v White Sox - Game Three
whose ass in the jackpot now, tom?
Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Wheeee, it’s another day of ALDS & NLDS match ups, starting off with the game that was rained out yesterday (get a roof, Chicago! It’s literally called the Windy City, figure it out!) and we’re already underway. The villainous Asstros now up 2-1 in the 3rd.

Next up, the Braves look to put the scrappy Brewers away for good. How about a pinch-hit Vogelbomb for old time’s sake? C’mon, it’ll be fun. Shoutout to Omar.

And finally, the Giants look to end the repeat attempt for the Dodgers. Leagues/divisions be damned, this should probably be the actual World Series matchup, right? Both these teams are absurd. Playoffs are silly, y’all sure we want the Mariners to get back into this shit? (Ed. note: Yes, obviously, shut up).

(no lineups yet)

Game time: 6:07 PM PT
Radio: MLB AtBat

PS: Happy Kraken Day for those who celebrate (me). Puck drops at 7 PM tonight for the first Seattle Kraken regular season game ever. Let’s go!

The SBNation Kraken blog is up and running now and I highly recommend heading over to Davy Jones’ Locker Room and diving on in. It’s gonna be a fun season of firsts!