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Sporcle Friday: Mariner Stolen Base Leaders by Season


Stealing a base is very rude. The players should have to give them back after the game.

Being a team leader in stolen bases for a single season basically means that player is super good at crime. If I ever need to execute a heist, I’m calling a certain former Mariner who spends most of his time on television now, a bold move for such a prolific public thief. He led the Mariners in steals for six straight seasons, just like the team’s original sticky-fingered second baseman did from 1978-1983.

The high mark for stolen bases by a Mariner in a single season is 60. The fewest swipes it took to lead the team was 12, which came, unsurprisingly, in the baby 2020 season. This was only one away from the team leader in 2013, though, when the M’s played a full miserable season. Speaking of 2013, that was the last time Seattle had a familiar face nab the stolen base crown. From 2014-2020, it’s been a new player atop the list every time.

Three names will get you half of the list, and a ‘90s utility man plus the wunderkind who wrestled the shortstop position away from him full-time gets you to about 60 percent of the entire group.

One of these men is the best to ever do it; one of these men is someone that Northwest fans would have you believe is the worst to ever to do it. He shared the crown in 2010, just the second time in club history that the Mariners had co-stolen base champs. One of these men is a pitcher now. One of them is Canadian. Those are the final hints you get.