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FanPost Friday: If you were in charge, how would you fix baseball?

You’ve been hired as MLB Commissioner. What’s your PLAN?

“Aaaaand somewhere over that way is where the Pilots used to play before I stole them off to Milwaukee.”
Photo credit should read DAN LEVINE/AFP via Getty Images

With a hat tip to Ashley MacLennan’s FPF prompt over at D-Rays Bay, we are going full fantasy sports commissioner mode here today. No, like an actual fantasy, not the thing where you pretend-draft players and stuff (oLLds scream somewhere off in distance, “NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR FANTASY TEAM!!!!!”)

Anyways, let’s go!

If you were in charge, how would you fix baseball?

Congrats! You’re the boss of baseball now and you presumably actually like the game unlike a certain Rob Manfred. Give me a rundown of your first season in office. Here are some categories to consider:

  • What in-game rules would you change and why?
  • What structural changes to the game would you make and why?
  • What changes would you make the playoffs?
  • What things would you try to change about the in-person game experience? For example, start a league-wide program that allows kids to get in free to games on Sunday or something like that.
  • Who would you fire and/or hire?
2020 World Series Game 6: Los Angeles Dodgers v. Tampa Bay Rays
“I have no idea what I’m doing here.”
Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Leave your answers in the comments below or if you’re feeling verbose and creative, write a FanPost and give me your whole commish action plan.