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Mariners Moose Tracks, 1/23/21: Keynan Middleton, Jameson Taillon trade rumors, the Red Sox get active, RIP Larry King

Also: justice for Danny Farquhar

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Dodgers’ Hollywood Stars Night Photo by Noel Vasquez/GC Images

Happy Sunday! The Mariners are taking the weekend off from their virtual Fan Fest type activities (still refusing to call it “Baseball Bash”), but there’s still plenty of rumor-mongering around the league as the Hot Stove gradually heats back up. And if you had a particularly busy week, make sure to poke around on the homepage, as there was quite a bit of content on the site this past week. (And next week will likely be the same, with the [grits teeth] Baseball Bash continuing, and Spring Training drawing one precious week closer.)

In Mariners news:

Around the league:

Kate’s pick:

Pausing bird content for a week to share this video of Larry King interviewing Hank Aaron from 1991. King, who passed away yesterday, was a lifelong fan of baseball and was even part of a group trying to bring professional baseball to Buffalo in 1991 with the Buffalo Bisons. While 2020 sucked in a lot of ways, I hope Larry King got a kick out of seeing professional baseball come to Buffalo for the first time in over 100 years when the Blue Jays were forced to relocate to Sahlen Field this summer.