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FanPost Friday: Cast your own Mariners movie

That CG Kingdome is gonna look fantastic

Ken Griffey Jr.

Picture this: you’re a successful Hollywood casting director. You’ve been at it for years. You grew up in Washington and you remain a Mariners fan at heart, having lived through the glory years of the 90’s as a child. One day, you’re approached with a new project. The script lands in your mailbox and it’s titled, “Refuse to Lose.” No way, you think to yourself. You start speed-reading it. Sure enough, it’s a dramatization of the 1995 Seattle Mariners. Holy shit, a dream come true! You get to draw up your ideal cast of actors for this fictionalized retelling of the original Kingdome warriors who just wouldn’t give up.

Jay Buhner...

Copy and paste the list below and give me your dream cast using any parameters you like. Living, dead, any gender, age, whatever. The only limit is your own imagination. Leave your answer in the comments or make your own FanPost, bonus points for photos and explanations.

1995 Roster, most games played by position:

(This seems like the most fair way to decide who is featured in the movie, right?)

C Dan Wilson

1B Tino Martinez

2B Joey Cora

3B Mike Blowers

SS Luis Sojo

LF Rich Amaral

CF Ken Griffey, Jr.

RF Jay Buhner

SP Tim Belcher

SP Chris Bosio

SP Randy Johnson

RP Norm Charlton

RP Lee Guetterman

RP Jeff Nelson

RP Bill Risley

RP Bob Wells

CL Bobby Ayala


Please feel free to add any bench player favorites that were left out here.


PS: The movie aims to be PG-13 and use its one F-word on Jay Buhner saying “Fuck the Wild Card” right before a smash cut to an absolutely EPIC montage of game-winning rallies and highlights. It’s gonna be great, y’all.