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Mariners Moose Tracks, 1/17/21: Juan Then, Carson Vitale, AL West arbitration hijinks, Dave Stewart

And birbs. Because it’s Sunday.

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Peoria Javelinas v. Salt River Rafters
we love our bearded coach
Photo by Buck Davidson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Happy Sunday morning. I have recently discovered that after years of thinking I don’t like grits—soupy! flavorless!—I made some the other day and they were delicious. I guess I had only ever had bad restaurant grits? Anyway, my new favorite breakfast is cheesy grits with bacon and an egg cracked over the top. Such a good stick-to-your-ribs winter breakfast. Howsabout you cozy up with something of your own and take in today’s links:

In Mariners news:

  • The Mariners have sent RHP Juan Then to MLB’s annual Rookie Development Program, which is all virtual this year. Then said he has particularly benefited from learning about how to manage his diet and being careful about taking supplements that might contain hidden banned ingredients. Then also spoke some about the difficulties of living in his part of the DR, Duarte Province, where the coronavirus hit the community hard and made it difficult for him to be able to train. Thankfully, his grandmother has a field behind her house he could use for workouts, and he was later able to hook up with Hanser Alberto’s trainer and work with the two of them.
  • Former Mariner Andrew Moore is headed to the Tigers on a minor-league deal—the team he made his MLB debut against.
  • Mariners coach Carson Vitale is running 10 miles a day and donating any money he raises to the United Way of King County, where he is also a volunteer. (Also, I did not know he was a British Columbia native! His hometown paper has a whole story here.) Carson has pledged .50 per mile in donations to the United Way; if you want to contribute to his cause, you can do that here. And you can keep up with Carson’s daily runs—he posts every day’s progress on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Around the League:

Kate’s pick:

I love birds (apparently), and I love Prince, and I love love love this thread of “Prince as Birds.”