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Mariners Moose Tracks, 1/10/21: Taylor Trammell, Fernando Tatís Jr., Kyle Schwarber

Some Sunday links to close out your weekend right

MLB: San Diego Padres at Seattle Mariners
I freely admit 90% of my Ty France Suspicion is that he did not warmly embrace Tatís back here. What are you even doing, Ty France?
Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Sunday! Just a reminder that we are through the first week of the 40 in 40s. Whee! Five down, 35 to go, and remember every one you read is another day closer to Spring Training games starting. Catch up on the first week’s installment here.

On to today’s links!

In Mariners news:

  • Speaking of Mariners prospects, here’s Jonatan Clase and Arturo Guerrero getting in some work in their native Dominican Republic. Make sure to put the sound up on Clase’s video as his 70-grade speed gets tested against the sands of the DR.

Around the league:

  • The Nationals continue to add, signing slugger Kyle Schwarber to a one-year deal. As John pointed out, the way this deal is structured essentially buys out Schwarber’s arbitration year in 2021, or awards him a handsome salary if things go well. Seems like a good deal all around.

Kate’s pick:

After the other week’s penguins I kinda feel like I’m pigeonholing myself as Bird Girl but I’m sorry, this eagle just gets it.