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FanPost Friday: An unexpected break

What would you do with a surprise three days off?

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

During a shortened season that has seen the Mariners play stretches of 20 games in a row, an unexpected three days off in a row was probably met with some low-key joy by many Mariners players. Yes, the circumstances were not ideal, as we later found that Oakland Athletics pitcher Daniel Mengden was the player who had tested positive for COVID-19, leading to the 3-game series in Seattle between the A’s and Mariners being postponed and rescheduled for the end of season.

Still, I can’t imagine too many players were complaining about a few days of rest, especially those who were able to go be with their families and spouses. And maybe the others got up to some responsible and socially distanced hi-jinks? So, I’ve got a prompt for you, if you choose to accept it.

Prompt: Write a fan fiction-y FanPost about what a particular Mariners player (or players) did with their unexpected 3-day break from the season

Sub-prompt! What did YOU do instead of watching the Mariners the last three days? Catch up on a movie? Try out a new show? Do some yard work? It was a strange feeling after going months without baseball, then having a season going full-blast again and having it feel semi-normal, and then suddenly no games in the middle of the week again.

Finally, let’s take a look at last week’s poll results because they were very entertaining to me. Of course, the Mariners proceeded to play like wet trash against the Angels for the first two games of the series before salvaging things a bit over the next two to split the series, but overall it was not exactly an encouraging series. Not having to play the actually good Athletics probably bought the ol’ extremely remote playoff hopes some time, as will playing the now Todd Frazier-less Rangers for four games, so we’ll just see how this whole secretly gunning for second place in the AL West thing goes (probably not well!).

The vast majority of you are not fooled or swayed by such nonsensical musings and I respect that.

BUT! I see that a decent majority of y’all would still be pretty into it if the Mariner did somehow make the 2020 playoffs. I mean, how could you not be at least a little bit interested?

Oh sorry, an update, they now only have the third worst record in all of baseball, so they have that going for them...which is nice.

Anyways, happy Friday and I hope y’all get a chance to enjoy some baseball over the holiday weekend.