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9/21/20: Open Game Thread

one last look at our sweet curly-locked Marco in 2020

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners - Game One
already missing this
Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

That sound you hear is the LL staff frantically trying to breathe in the last bit of 2020 baseball. Tonight is likely the last we will see of Marco Gonzales for 2020, so let’s all enjoy it even as they’re playing the Astros, shall we?

I thought McCullers was still injured but apparently no such luck; this will be his second start back, and he was pretty good against the Rangers in his return to the mound. Then again, who doesn’t look good against the Rangers? The other thing to note about McCullers is he has some pretty ugly-looking home-road splits (1.42 ERA at home vs. 13.50 away), which would be much more understandable if there were actually fans in the stands with their trash cans. Maybe those banners flown over the Coliseum were more powerful than just performative. I was kind of hoping Marco would match up against Greinke—the two pitchers in the AL with the best K/BB ratio (Marco 10.60, Greinke 7.75), but if there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s that you can’t always, or ever, get what you want.

Game time: 6:10 PT

Available on: ROOT NW (TV), 710 ESPN (radio), MLB TV (streaming, out of area only)

Go: Marco (and Mariners)