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Lookout Landing Podcast 128: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with Mike Duncan

The author, podcast host, and historian on his life as a Seattle Mariners fan

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Seattle Mariners v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

0:00-10:55: Calling our first ever guest (we think) in Europe to talk about all things Mariners. This week’s guest is author and podcast host Mike Duncan, who moved to Paris to write a book, while Matthew moved from Queen Anne to Fremont to have a quieter place to record podcasts. Mike and Matthew exchange pleasantries about life and baseball culture in France before diving into his history as an M’s fan. How has moving – first domestically, then internationally – molded Mike’s attachment to baseball? We also recorded this before the Bucks were eliminated from the NBA playoffs, so please do not make fun of Mike for saying they’re cool.

11:00-22:50: Favorite players from a 1980s childhood in the Pacific Northwest. The Mariners being a mystery to the rest of the world back then allowed for a singular experience and shameless bandwagoning once the playoffs rolled around. This opens a discussion about attending Seattle sporting events to see the other team’s great players. Then, an adorable story swap about seeing great pitchers in Seattle as their careers crawled to their conclusions.

22:55-41:25: How does Mike, a historian, feel about the general history of the Seattle Mariners? At what point does the mid-‘90s nostalgia become too much? We certainly didn’t expect a large chunk of this segment to go toward the 2016 team, but we’re glad it did. Most of you probably do this very often, but think about how truly, unfathomably, impossibly strange it was for Robinson Canó to willingly sign with the Mariners.

41:30-1:01:25: Mike hosts a podcast all about revolutions, so we ask the question, was there ever a point where you wanted the Mariners to stage their own revolution to depose their own leadership? Fill in the blanks: “_____ is a villain. ______? He’s a weird cat.”

1:01:30-1:21:20: Ending with a session on the current state of the organization and how we feel moving into the great unknown.

Music: “Black Sheep” by Metric // “Numbers on the Board” by Pusha T

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