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Lookout Landing Podcast 126: Trade deadline reaction pod!

John left for a week and all heck broke loose

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SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

We went long on this one because holy guacamole, there was a lot to talk about. Feel free to use the guide and skip around.

0:00-11:45: Copying this from last week’s podcast writeup: John is gone so we’ve once again called upon Mikey Ajeto to take his spot. Joe Doyle also joins our podcast crew to provide some scouting of the newest crew of Mariners. We start off with our gut reactions to the trade and Joe floats the idea that Andres Muñoz might be the true centerpiece of this deal. We marvel as a group over the ability of the Padres to deal so many pieces while still retaining their prospect core, and Joe ponders what lessons A.J. Preller might have learned between going for it a few years ago and now.

11:45: John’s Prepared Statement On The Trade is read, with the necessary fanfare. Please genuflect appropriately in your own homes.

13:30 - 17:00: As a group, we weren’t super-enthused by the Mariners’ draft this year, which targeted safe, proven performers over high-upside, riskier players. Joe is willing to give the organization a mulligan on the draft for having acquired more ceiling players in this trade, although Kate isn’t willing to go quite that far, but must grudgingly admit these are more the types of players she was hoping for. Many of them swing bats, so that’s a good start.

17:00 - 28:30: Can an organization have Too Many Outfielders? Spoiler alert: no. Also, Mikey is a downer, although a realistic one. It has to be pointed out that without a real minor league season, all we’re seeing is a highlight reel from Tacoma, so it’s difficult to analyze how any of these prospects are progressing. We also dig into Taylor Trammell’s ceiling and floor.

28:30 - 34:19: It’s time for some Player Development chat! How much faith do we have in the Mariners’ ability to develop players—pitching and hitting? All three of us feel like one of those categories has significantly more success stories than the other, and Mikey points out that the hitting success stories are the ones you tend to think of as being set up for success, like first round picks. Joe notes it’s hard to have a lot of hitting success stories when you draft all arms, all the time.

34:20 - 41:45 : Who will be the next Austin Nola Memorial Traded Player? Mikey falls back in time and gets the wrong Moore. Kate fails for the second time in a row to pronounce “Margevicius” correctly. Joe breaks Kate’s heart by making the completely reasonable suggestion that Yohan Ramirez might not be a Mariner for all of 2021.

41:45 - 47:20: Some Jose Marmolejos chat for all you Marmo lovers out there. A lot of Marmo chat actually. A whole tub of Marmo for you.

47:20 - 1:00:00: Catcher chat time. Is Tom Murphy hiding from Trader Jerry at the Peoria complex? Seems likely. There’s also some Cal Raleigh talk, because the number of catchers on the roster is perilously low. Somehow this morphs into some talk about roster crunches. The Mariners have been busy in the Rule 5 draft and might be busy again this year. Hooray for roster flexibility!

1:00:00 - end: We must joke about the things that hurt us, so we talk about Kyle Seager and the possibility of losing him via his attractiveness. Joe has a Hot Take so stick through Kate working through her feelings about Austin Nola’s rogue pirate handsomeness. Also, speaking of things that hurt us, we take some time to remember Mitch Haniger, who exists! People must be reminded of that. Also Mikey and Joe spend some time giving Ljay Newsome his props. Read Mikey’s article on Ljay if you missed that! Also we apparently did everything we could to make the end of the pod as unlistenable as possible, so, uh, sorry about that.

Music: “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles; “I Can’t Stop Loving You” by Phil Collins covered by Taylor Swift shut up I was in my feelings watching Austin Nola as a Padre

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