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8/9/20: Open Game Thread

Justus Sheffield vs. Germán Márquez

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
today the cheering section becomes the cheered
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

I currently have my MLB TV quad box up and am watching Paxton sitting 91-93, Jacob DeGrom struggle (?) to throw strikes against the Marlins (???), and the Orioles locked in an 0-0 tie with the defending champs. 2020 baseball, man:

The Orioles not being completely useless serves Mariners fans who Kwest for Kumar, although the continued ineptitude of the Pirates is a real hurdle to overcome. You’ll notice the Rockies are also on that list, because, as we have seen throughout this series, they are Good. I’m here for the Rockies shaking up the Western division, honestly. It’s not their fans’ fault the team has spent laughably badly and they’re nice people over there on Rockies Twitter. So go on, you Rockies.

Today the Rockies will roll out their presumptive staff ace in German Marquez. As Jake and Tim noted in the series preview, Márquez is the poster child for “pitcher with good stuff held back by COORS”, although so far this year his FIP is right in line with his excellent K-BB numbers. Today will be another uphill climb for Seattle’s young bats, and fellow youngster Justus Sheffield will also face a tough test against the Rockies’ powerful middle of the order. Keep your expectations in check today.


No Nola, no Shed Long despite his late-evening tee work. Might be a quiet day for the bats. But then again, that feels like every day lately?

Game info:

Game time: 1:10 PM PT

Available on: ROOT NW (television), 710 ESPN (radio), MLB TV/dot com (streaming for out-of-market, Gameday).