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Sporcle Friday: Players Kyle Seager has driven in the most

nothing like some carolina ribbies

85th MLB All Star Game

I love Kyle Seager. You love Kyle Seager. We all (maybe not Ranger fans) love Kyle Seager.

It’s rare for a player to hold down a position in the same city for a whole decade, make an All-Star team and win a Gold Glove, and still be so unheralded. As the cookie always crumbles for Mariners, if Seager was a Yankee or Dodger or Cardinal he’d be on cereal boxes. Instead, we get charming commercials that are time capsules to a different hairline, stories about him going an entire offseason without internet, and legendary squabbles with the Angels’ chief agitator.

Through various managers and infield partners, over 200 homers and nearly 700 RBI, Kyle Seager has ingratiated himself to Mariner fans with his pleasant, amiable ways. The following 19 teammates, who got free trips around the bases courtesy of Seager, probably feel the same way about him too. Since August 16, 2011, when Seags recorded his first RBI by singling off Blue Jays’ pitcher Brad Mills, scoring Miguel Olivo and moving Trayvon Robinson to third, the Mariners have had steady production from one of the sweetest boys in town.

As things stand right now, there are 19 humans who have scored more than five runs on the back of Kyle Seager. Of course, home runs have allowed Kyle to drive himself in quite a bit, but we’ve left him off the list to make room for others, which feels like something he would want. Take a jog around the base paths and try to come up with the players who Seager has driven in the most during his overlooked career.