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13-20: Chart

Lucky number 13

MLB: Game Two-Seattle Mariners at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

I only noticed in putting that picture on the chart that the Mariners changed jerseys from the navy blues to the road grays for Game Two (I originally had a picture from Marmo’s homer in Game One). I wonder how many jerseys they bring on any given road trip and how many of each type, and also how did Jesse Chavez literally put the wrong one on the other day? Still not over that.

San Diego, the jewel of California: Joey Gerber, .205 WPA (mostly because of the BANANAS leverage index of where he entered: 4.58 pLI)

Bakersfield, the armpit of California: Aaron Fletcher, -.154 WPA (sorry Fletch we know you are doing your best. Also NOT sorry to Bakersfield, it is my Danbury, Connecticut.)