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8/27/20: Game Two Open Thread

[takes game 1 out, blows on it, re-inserts cartridge]

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Okay so game one didn’t go...great, but there were bright spots. Ljay Newsome has now made two starts against two of the best-hitting teams in baseball and surrendered a grand total of two runs, both on mistake pitch solo home runs. Evan White is apparently not too broken, we hope? Kyle Lewis’s hit streak lived on. Now Yusei Kikuchi will toe the mound and try to earn the Mariners the series win.

With the injury to White, that cuts down the Mariners’ flexibility, so this is pretty much the same lineup that started in Game 1, with Marmolejos swapped in for White, and the addition of Tim Lopes over Jake Fraley. Nola, who had to catch Taylor Williams’s disasterpiece inning, will be behind the plate.

The Padres have Garrett Richards on the mound and a lineup that I assume is close to their game one lineup, but the game is literally starting as I’m typing this so we’re just sending it out the door. Chat away, be nice to each other, and remember relievers are people too.