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Lookout Landing Podcast 125: Halfway home or halfway traded?

Jerry Dipoto is furiously stretching his phone dialing muscles

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Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

0:00-12:25: John is gone so we’ve called upon the indelible Mikey Ajeto to take his spot! Mikey joins Matthew and Kate to discuss the Mariners’ recent turnaround and dig into possible trades. But first, let’s dump on the Angels! They’re really bad! One of the worst teams in the league, as it turns out!

12:30-32:55: Kate breaks down some of the reasons why Evan White’s hitting has improved lately. We also shower Austin Nola with the All-Star hype he deserves before going down the trade rabbit hole. How would we feel about the M’s trading Nola? What about Taijuan Walker and the bullpen guys?

33:00-44:55: How has Taylor Williams been so effective? Let Mikey, our pitching analytics expert, explain. We also mentally prepare for the possibility that Kyle Seager, father figure for the entire Pacific Northwest, could get traded. The most interesting part of this discussion, of course, is that there are already so many good third basemen across the league. Five dollars to anyone who has some dirt on Las Vegas’ totally legal sounding Bonanza High School. Should the Mariners try to build the whole team out of Kyles?

45:00-53:53: A eulogy for Daniel Vogelbach, who is not dead, just in Toronto now.

Also, after literal years of putting up with audio issues, we are in the market for a new website or recording software to record and edit the podcast! If you have any experience with this, please suggest some good ones in the comments below. Ideally, we’d love a service that lets us edit each person’s vocal track individually, let guests call in via telephone, and adjust audio levels for individual stretches of the conversation. Thank you kindly.

Music: “Freelance” by Toro y Moi

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