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8/23/20: Open Game Thread

the best ever death metal band out of Texas

MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

After two commanding wins, the Mariners are poised for their first sweep of the season thanks to the quickly-spiraling Rangers. Today’s contest might be a taller order, however, as Texas sends the veteran arm Mike Minor up on the mound, while the Mariners counter with still-putting-it-together Justin Dunn. This was the game Texas had the highest chance of winning per 538 (and our series preview), but it doesn’t seem like anyone predicted Texas to freefall quite this hard. A sweep would be a nice way to go into tomorrow’s off-day, but even a series win after riding the struggle bus over the past few weeks would be a much-needed balm, so either way, today is just gravy.

Lineups and game info:

The Mariners once again are not MLB TV’s Free Game of the Day—that’s the Red Sox and Orioles. Baltimore is in line to win despite Old Friend Wade LeBlanc only going .2 IP before leaving with elbow discomfort. Feel better, Wader Tot.