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7-14: Chart

We always expect the worst, but who could expect that

Camion benne à ordures et déchets
the caption for this picture reads, “Camion poubelle et déchets après un marché, France.” and I assume that means, “The Mariners play the Astros in Houston.”
Photo by Franck CHAZOT/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Whenever the Mariners play the Astros in Houston, we are primed to expect the worst. However tonight’s game was a particular exercise in pain thresholds. How very 50 Shades of you, Mariners, just about a decade too late. To the pit of despair!

Pit of despair: Nestor Cortes, -.463 WPA

Slightly less pit-y pit of despair: Dylan Moore, .061 WPA

FUBAR for KUMAR update: alas, both Boston and Pittsburgh lost tonight, although neither in as spectacular a fashion as the Mariners, so there is no change in the pick order.