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Lookout Landing Podcast 123: Mariners prospect Jarod Bayless on pitching & development beyond the taxi squad

How to go from 88 mph to 96 mph without really trying. Just kidding, there’s a lot of trying. It’s actually almost all trying.

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Editor’s Note: We originally recorded this with Jarod back in late July, before the season began. Due to bizarre audio issues that required heroic efforts from the developers at Cast, this episode comes to you at last. That said, a brief chunk of this episode was excised to fix a recording issue, so this may have moments of slight audio confusion, however we HOPE it may all be just fine.

Kate and John are joined by Mariners RHP prospect Jarod Bayless from his current training grounds in Dallas, TX. The 33rd round pick from 2019 out of Dallas Baptist University by way of San Jacinto CC is an enthusiastic adopter of the many technological assets available to baseball players these days, and he breaks down the various ways in which devices like Rapsodo, Trackman/Hawkeye, Motus, and others specifically help him develop. Bayless has chronicled his development - and struggles - on his Instagram page (@JarodThrows), offering a great training resource for those interested in pushing themselves from borderline talents towards big league potential pitchers.

Music: “Daniel, You’re Still a Child” - Declan McKenna / “Space Cadet” - Metro Boomin (ft. Gunna)

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