*VIRTUAL* Refuse to Abuse 5K: 2020

I'm not going to rattle off a gratuitous litany of the seemingly-endless string of dominoes 2020 has toppled upon us, or marvel at the snarling passage of time, or detail the many reasons you should join and/or support Team Lookout Landing in the now-virtual Refuse to Abuse 5K on this Saturday, July 11 at 9 a.m. (though, again, virtual).

You're smart people. You know all this

I've already written about Dee Gordon, and his own work to help bring an end to domestic violence, and explained the history of the longstanding partnership between the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Seattle Mariners, flinging metaphorical pompoms across the page to encourage people you to join.

Amanda has written about the run itself; the course, the pre and post-race activities, and all the salient details in her clear, well-organized way.

And before that, before we ever created Team Lookout Landing, Andrew wrote about the background of the race and his own experiences with it.

Instead, I suppose, I'll leave it at this: If these past few months have taught me anything, it's to create my own pockets of joy whenever, wherever, and however I can. Sometimes that's an afternoon spent elbows-deep in almond flour and sugar, perfecting a macaron recipe, sometimes it's lying completely still on the cold kitchen floor, sometimes it's rolling all the windows down and sing-shouting "In A Big Country" while the sun glints off the lake. This Saturday it will be the Refuse to Abuse 5K.

Click here to register. Join a team and type in Lookout Landing. Sad Richie will pop up. Select and fill everything out. Come Saturday you can walk, or run, or, heck, sleep in and refuse to do it. Joy takes different forms at different times. No judgement.

Race swag, including medal and bluetooth speakers, can be picked up at T-Mobile Park or will be shipped out the week of July 13 at no additional charge.