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Mariners Moose Tracks, 7/26/20: Evan White, a lot of Washington Nationals news?, the Storm rain on Ionescu’s parade

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Sunny Day Real Estate and Sunday links

Seattle Storm v New York Liberty Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Opening Weekend 2020 is drawing to a close, and while it’s not an experience I want to replicate ever again, it is nice to be back in baseball mode. A summer Sunday without baseball is sacrilege. As is a summer Sunday without links!

In Mariners news:


I kid but! The Seahawks looked at the NHL Seattle unveiling, baseball Opening Day, the Seattle Storm returning to play, and got so very jealous of all the attention other sports were being paid they just had to pull off a big trade. Our pals over at Field Gulls have the full details of what seems like a pretty big deal! YOUR MOVE, JERRY.

Speaking of the Storm, they kicked off their season with a powerful ceremony yesterday honoring Breonna Taylor, who was killed while asleep in her bed over 130 days ago by Louisville police. Watch it here. The Storm game also featured the return of MVP Breanna Stewart, the legendary Sue Bird, and Oregon basketball legend Sabrina Ionescu playing in her first pro game (she managed 12 points despite being so furiously contained by the Storm that it spawned several memes on Twitter). Read the recap of the game, which the Storm won, here. (I’d link an SBN blog for the recap except...there isn’t one. Which seems kind of ridiculous considering the Storm have three championships, which is one more than the Sounders, two more than the Seahawks, and three more than the Mariners.)

In actual Mariners news, there was a game yesterday. They lost. Read Zach’s recap here.

  • If you like fun Nola facts, well, here’s a fun Nola fact:
  • Lost somewhat in the remote Opening Day coverage was the fact that six Mariners players raised a fist as a show of unity during the anthem. Per Ryan Divish, that effort was led by Dee Gordon in concert with the other Black players on the team. The Mariners have the highest percentage of Black players on a team in the league. All players and staff also wore Black Lives Matter t-shirts during pregame activities.
  • The Mariners made a really sweet video for Evan White, who is being cheated out of getting to have his family and friends at his debut:

Around the League:

Speaking of Yo Gamma Gams, he had a go-ahead RBI triple in that game, which the Brewers won, 8-3.

And the head shot!

Will Smith nicely replied to this tweet and said he’d hook up the decapitated fan.

  • I have no context for this, I just want you to see it:

Kate’s pick:

I have never backed a Kickstarter project before but couldn’t resist this Sherlock Holmes board game. But then I was talking to a friend who backs a lot of projects who said not to get overly attached to the idea of the thing actually being manufactured, as a lot of projects fall through, or even get funded but then never delivered. “Look at it as a stock investment. Some will be good investments, and some not good investments.” But friends, I don’t even have enough money for real stonks, let alone fake board game stonks. Has anyone had experiences with this one way or another? Should I cancel the order I put in on Etsy for a customized deerstalker? And if I cannot have a super-special Kickstarter board game, what other game should I acquire to while away the waning days of summer pandemic before we move into autumn pandemic?