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The LL Staff Predicts the Future

Still not over MLB expanding the playoffs hours before the season started

Seattle Mariners Summer Workouts
Twenty-twenty, baybeeeeeee
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

With the first pitch of the Mariners season coming in just a few hours, the LL staff got together and made our predictions. We’d love to hear yours too — please submit your picks through this link or the form embedded at the bottom of this post!

Let’s start off with our staff predictions:

LL Staff Predictions

Grant John Anders Ben Nat Matthew Connor Eric Jake Tim Kate Mikey Amanda Becca
Grant John Anders Ben Nat Matthew Connor Eric Jake Tim Kate Mikey Amanda Becca
Division/WC Winners
ALW Ughstros Astros Astros Astros Astros Cheaters Astros Asstros Lastros Athletics Athletics Astros Angels Angels
ALC Twins Twins Twins Twins Twins White Sox Twins White Sox Twins Twins Twins Twins White Sox White Sox
ALE Rays Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Rays Yankees Yankees Rays Rays Rays Rays
WC - 2nd, ALW Athletics Athletics A's Angels A's A's A's Rangers A's Astros Astros Athletics Astros Astros
WC - 2nd, ALC Cleveland White Sox Cleveland Indians White Sox Twins White Sox Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland White Sox Twins
WC - 2nd, ALE Yankees Rays Blue Jays Rays Rays Rays Rays Yankees Rays Rays Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees
AL WC1 White Sox Cleveland Red Sox A's Cleveland Spiders Angels Red Sox Twins White Sox White Sox Cleveland A's
AL WC2 Red Sox Red Sox Rays Rangers Mariners Blue Jays Mariners Red Sox Angels Mariners Blue Jays Mariners
NLW Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers
NLC Reds Cardinals Reds Reds Brewers Brewers Brewers Brewers Brewers Brewers Cardinals Brewers Brewers Reds
NLE Braves Phillies Phillies Phillies Braves Phillies Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves
WC - 2nd, NLW Padres Diamondbacks Padres D-Backs Diamondbacks Padres Diamondbacks Padres Padres Padres Padres Padres Padres
WC - 2nd, NLC Brewers Reds Brewers Brewers Reds Reds Reds Reds Reds Cardinals Brewers Cardinals Reds
WC - 2nd, NLE Nationals Braves Nationals Nationals Phillies Mets Nationals Phillies Nationals Phillies Phillies Nationals Nationals Nationals
NL WC 1 Diamondbacks Nationals Braves Braves Mets Braves Padres Phillies Cubs Diamondbacks Reds Cardinals
NL WC 2 Reds Padres Nationals Cardinals Nats Cardinals Cubs Mets Diamondbacks Mets Diamondbacks Reds
AL Sleeper Team White Sox White Sox White Sox Twins? White Sox Blue Jays White Sox Rangers White Sox Mariners White Sox White Sox Mariners Twins
NL Sleeper Team Reds Diamondbacks Brewers Marlins Diamondbacks Diamondbacks Giants Diamondbacks Padres Reds Padres Mets Padres Diamondbacks
ALCS Winner Rays Astros Twins Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Rays Athletics Rays Rays Yankees
NLCS Winner Dodgers Dodgers Reds Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Brewers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers
WS Winner Dodgers Dodgers Twins Yankees Dodgers Dodgers Brewers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Rays Dodgers
AL MVP Mike Trout Giancarlo Stanton Yordan Álvarez Lindor Matt Chapman Tim Anderson Mike Trout Tim Anderson Alex Bregman Michael Nelson Trout Mike Trout Mike Trout Giancarlo Stanton Mike Trout
NL MVP Mookie Betts Ronald Acuña Jr. Cody Bellinger McNeil Acuna Bryce Harper Christian Yelich Ronald Acuña, Jr. Cody Bellinger Cody Bellinger Mookie Betts Ketel Marte Manny Machado Ronald Acuna Jr.
AL Cy Young Shane Bieber Lance McCullers Jr. Shane Bieber McCullers Glasnow Lucas Giolito Charlie Morton Carrot Cole Gerrit Cole Gerrit Cole Gerrit Cole Shane Bieber Mike Clevinger Gerrit Cole
NL Cy Young Walker Buehler Jack Flaherty Walker Buehler deGrom deGrom Luis Castillo Jacob deGrom Jacob deGrom Walker Buehler Jacob deGrom Max Scherzer Jacob deGrom Yu Darvish Walker Buehler
AL ROY Luis Robert Luis Robert Kyle Lewis baby Pearson Luis Robert Kyle Lewis Luis Robert Evan White Luis Robert Yoshitomo Tsutsugo Luis Robert Kyle Lewis Jarred Kelenic Kyle Lewis
NL ROY Gavin Lux Shogo Akiyama Carter Kieboom Carlson Kieboom Carter Kieboom Dylan Carlson Carter Kieboom Gavin Lux Gavin Lux Dylan Carlson Carter Kieboom Dustin May Carter Kieboom
Mariners Wins 24 25 28 24 22 23 30 15 26 29 21 26 33 27
Kyle Lewis HR 10 14 12 11 16 11 15 20 14 8 10 9 12 13
Jarred Kelenic PA 0 0 0 11 3 20 0 0 0 0 0 40 200 10
# of trades Dipoto makes 2 3 4 2 1 2 3 2 5 1 2 4 3 3
% chance you will get a $30 fan cutout 10% I'll pool with someone Thought about it but no 0 Will pool with John on Otey The Possum Fan Cutout No No lol no Nah No can I get my cat one Joseph Stalin,,,, 0% 0%
Will the season be completed as planned? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes If I only could, I'd make a deal with God, and I'd get him to swap our places. Be running up that road. Be running up that hill. Be running up that building. See if I only could, oh Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yeth It will be completed, but I imagine it will not go as planned hard to say
Taijuan Walker FIP 4.21 4.48 4.53 4.34 3.99 4.69 3.85 4.20 4.35 4.20 4.05 3.90 3.75 4.15
Shed Long bat flips 7.5 10 You gonna count this? Uhh 8 2 4 infinity 6 10.5 3 0 how can I number the stars Big bat flip 14 5.75
Biggest prospect success Justus Sheffield Logan Gilbert Lewis Evan White Kyle Lewis Kyle Lewis Evan White Evan White Evan White Justin Dunn Evan White Jarred Kelenic Evan White
Biggest prospect disappointment Jake Fraley Evan White Dunn Dunn Jake Fraley Jake Fraley Justus Sheffield Jake Fraley Kyle Lewis no Kelenic in MLB in 2020 Justin Dunn All of our prospects are the best, why would you even ask this? Jake Fraley
Bold Predictions
Mariners Prediction Yusei Kikuchi is the Mariners WAR leader Kendall Graveman leads Mariners starters in ERA Kendall Graveman earns an extension Dee Gordon plays at least one game at DH Austin Nola, Tim Lopes, and Dylan Moore combine for more WAR than the entire bullpen Shed Long and J.P. Crawford combine for a six-win pace Kyle Lewis has a good season but strikes out a lot, Evan White should win ROY but doesn't because Mariners, Daniel Vogelbach hits 15 home runs, Kendall Graveman leads the staff in ERA, WHIP, Wins, and Strikeouts Evan White finishes a close second to Robert in the AL ROY voting Kendall Graveman is the staff ace, gets downballot ALCY votes, and signs an extension; Marco is traded by New Year's Kendall Graveman is a top-10 starter in MLB Austin Adams leads the MLB in FIP and K% Due to injuries/the 'roni, Kelenic gets called up after a week or so and tears up MLB like a cheap steak Julio gets an AB (hey, anything can happen)
MLB Prediction Several players opt out midseason We see two Game 61s in MLB 4 AL West teams will make the playoffs Madison Bumgarner semi returns to form? Mark Canha opts out to pursue his dream of opening a shitty restuarant that prices out all the competitors in the neighborhood. The city of Oakland turns on him. He's exiled to playing in Japan, which is fine with him because "the food is tight". The Marlins finish at or near .500 Astros win the AL West out of pure spite even though they are repeatedly hit by opposing pitchers, Dodgers finally get over the WS hump, the Angels win 20 games and Moreno is fired, Matt Chapman retires from baseball The Dodgers won't lose a single game in the playoffs. One (but only one) team has to withdraw from the season. White Sox win 40 games Shane Bieber finishes the year with a sub-2.50 ERA; Andrew Heaney sports a 25%+ K-BB% and sub-3.00 ERA; Clayton Kershaw finishes with a 3.50 ERA or worse Several big names opt out after 2-3 weeks, throw the season into crisis Season gets cut short?

Here’s a brief summary of our playoff & awards picks:

Regular Season

AL West: Houston Astros (10), Oakland Athletics (2), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County (2)

AL Central: Minnesota Twins (10), Chicago White Sox (4)

AL East: New York Yankees (8), Tampa Bay Rays (6)

AL West (2nd): Athletics (8), Astros (4), Angels (1), Rangers (1)

AL Central (2nd): Cleveland (6), White Sox (4), Twins (2)

AL East (2nd): Rays (7), Yankees (6), Blue Jays (1)

AL Wild Card 4/5: Boston Red Sox (5), Seattle Mariners (4), White Sox (3), Cleveland (3), Athletics (2), Angels (2), Blue Jays (2), Rays (1), Rangers (1), Twins (1)

NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers (14)

NL Central: Milwaukee Brewers (8), Cincinnati Reds (4), St. Louis Cardinals (2)

NL East: Atlanta Braves (10), Philadelphia Phillies (4)

NL West (2nd): San Diego Padres (9), Arizona Diamondbacks (4)

NL Central (2nd): Reds (7), Brewers (4), Cardinals (2)

NL East (2nd): Nationals (8), Phillies (4), Mets (1), Braves (1)

NL Wild Card 4/5: Diamondbacks (4), Reds (3), Braves (3), Cardinals (3), Nationals (3), Mets (3), Cubs (2), Padres (2), Phillies (1)


AL champ: Yankees (7), Rays (4), Astros (1), Twins (1), Athletics (1)

NL champ: Dodgers (12), Reds (1), Brewers (1)

World Series champ: Dodgers (10), Twins (1), Rays (1), Brewers (1), Yankees (1)

Awards Voting

AL MVP: Mike Trout (6), Tim Anderson (2), Giancarlo Stanton (2), Francisco Lindor (1), Alex Bregman (1), Matt Chapman (1), Yordan Álvarez (1)

NL MVP: Ronald Acuna Jr. (4), Cody Bellinger (3), Mookie Betts (2), Manny Machado (1), Ketel Marte (1), Jeff McNeil (1), Christian Yelich (1), Bryce Harper (1)

AL Cy Young: Gerrit Cole (5), Shane Bieber (3), Lance McCullers Jr. (2), Mike Clevinger (1), Tyler Glasnow (1), Charlie Morton (1), Lucas Giolito (1)

NL Cy Young: Jacob deGrom (6), Walker Buehler (4), Jack Flaherty (1), Max Scherzer (1), Luis Castillo (1), Yu Darvish (1)

AL Rookie of the Year: Luis Robert (6), Kyle Lewis (4), Jarred Kelenic (1), Yoshitomo Tsutsugo (1), Evan White (1), Nate Pearson (1)

NL Rookie of the Year: Carter Kieboom (6), Dylan Carlson (3), Gavin Lux (3), Shogo Akiyama (1), Dustin May (1)

Your Turn

Here’s the link to the Google Form, and it’s also embedded below.