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Lookout Landing Podcast 121: 2020 Season Preview Edition!

Picking some things we’re excited to watch as the rest of the world crumbles

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Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

0:00-31:30: We truly cannot believe we made it. Get in here, y’all. We’re gonna try to do a season real quick. We’re gathered here today to share three things that we’re excited to watch this year. Kate kicks us off with an awfully specific thing relating to Marco Gonzales. Then we talk some DEFENSE! Remember that the Mariners will be without infield wizard Perry Hill, at least in person, as the 68-year-old coach has opted to stay home. We’ll also have the wonderful joy of a balletic first baseman scooping and stretching for all 60 games.

32:00-49:15: Which starter’s pitch mix is getting John all riled up? Hint: it’s a guy who is, at least on a physical plane, embracing his new life on the west coast. What part of Kyle Lewis’ game is worthy of your number crunching? If any of you off the top of your head know what Jake Stahl is famous for, give yourself a pat on the back.

49:20-1:03:05: This could be an emotional season. Lots of things happening during these unprecedented times, folks! Somewhere in here the term “midnight breakfast” gets dropped for the first time in podcast history, surely. Matthew’s final pick involves inarguably the worst unit of the team. Henry Rowengarter gets a shout out too because we stay on topic around here.

1:03:10-1:29:00: Gather ‘round for listener questions. Check out Ben Gamel doing his absolute best to mimic everything Christian Yelich does, which ties into our first question. We end, naturally, by taking one wardrobe item from each Mariner and combining it on one body. We can’t wait to be mad about the Mariners with you again.

Music: “Bodysnatchers” by Radiohead // “Foreplay” by Jalen Santoy

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