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7/22/20: Open Game Thread

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The last intrasquad game before the real thing!

MLB: Seattle Mariners-Workouts Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The final of a dozen intrasquad games is upon us! While I still am having a hard time believing that real baseball is going to happen this season, with only two days left before the M’s play the Astros I guess it is time to finally start buying into the concept that we will, in fact, see clubs from varying US cities take on one another in the sport commonly known as baseball.

Anyways, on to today’s matchup:

While initially billed as a full length 9 inning matchup, it appears that this evening’s game has been shortened to 8 innings.

As Divish noted in the tweet above, today’s Pilots squad figures to be fairly similar to the Opening Day lineup this Friday, barring any new injuries this afternoon. *knocks profusely on every single wood*

Dunn and Sheffield will be matching up again today on the bump, looking to put forth a strong outing before the “regular” season begins.

We’ll also get to see Jarred Kelenic in an M’s uni for what could be the last time for a long while so soak that up today as well folks!

Video: Root Sports

Radio: 710 ESPN