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Mariners Intrasquad Game #10 Open Thread

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Three more games, one off-day sleep, and it’s Fauxpening Day, baby

Seattle Mariners Summer Workouts
Here’s the Juan Then you didn’t get to see
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Another day, another intrasquad game. Today’s pitching matchup is not as toothsome as the one last night when we didn’t get to see Juan Then throw 99 nor Evan White make what was apparently a superhuman pick at first, but this is not without its charms:

Tonight’s game also has the fun bonus of being streamed on YouTube and on 710, so it’s a treat for your eyes and your ears.

After tonight, only two! more! intrasquad games! remain! before an off day and then real(ish) baseball starting up again with Fauxpening Day at Houston. Let’s check in on the Astros, who are playing the Royals in an intrasquad game today:

Ah! Well, nevertheless. Go read Joe’s profile of Kumar Rocker if you haven’t already.