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Mariners Intrasquad Game #8 Open Thread

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Mariners vs. Mariners vs. Mariners vs. Mariners

MLB: Seattle Mariners-Workouts Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Today other, more centrally-located teams are getting after each other in some Spring Trainaux 2.0 action—I’m currently watching Pittsburgh and Cleveland, two teams I didn’t realize were all that geographically close, and Yankees and Mets fans are taking over Twitter with their usual blend of bonhomie and mutual respect. The Mariners, however, are metaphorically West Seattle while the rest of baseball is anywhere else in Seattle, and so must continue to content themselves with intrasquad games.

If you swap the pitchers, that Pilots lineup looks awfully close to a projected Mariners 2020 Opening Day lineup, wouldn’t you say? Tim Lopes: Opening Day Left Fielder, life is certainly a journey. Also of note: Florida Men Mallex Smith, Dee Gordon, and Dylan Moore are all starters for the first time this summer.

The game is on the Mariners’ YouTube channel starting at 6:10 PM PT, and once again we are being promised the dulcet sounds of Mike Blowers. Tomorrow there is no broadcast, which, boo. We’ll try to string together the beat writers’ tweets for you in Monday’s links.

In other good news:

Julio was selected 4th overall in the 2019 LIDOM (Dominican Baseball League) draft, by the Leones del Escogido—fitting for a prospect who calls himself “Simba” and is fond of the lion emoji. While often clubs disallow their top prospects from participating in LIDOM due to risk of injury of fatigue, it looks like Julio might get the green light to participate this winter, which would make an already fun league incredibly fun. Start brushing up on your baseball Spanish now, señores y señoras.