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7/16/20: Intrasquad Game 7 open thread

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[sadly] juliooooooo

Seattle Mariners Summer Workouts
he’s not playing today but I wanted you to see this picture of Noelvi Marte anyway
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Following the dispiriting news that top prospect Julio Rodriguez is out with a hairline fracture in his wrist, today’s lineup looks a little less youngster-heavy than it has:

Birthday Boy Jarred Kelenic gets the day off, and the Mariners probably think they are doing a nice thing for him in that, but Jarred Kelenic does not recognize birthdays, Jarred Kelenic only recognizes the grind. He’s probably somewhere in the bowels of TMP taking 200 extra swings to make up for it. Noelvi Marte is also getting an off-day, but 2020 draftee Kaden Polcovich, aka the Polish Powerhouse, will have a chance to get some hacks in. By the way, did you know Polcovich is a relatively rare surname? A Google search of “Polcovich” turns up 11 pages of results, basically all of which have to do with Kaden, his dad Kevin, or his mom and sisters. [I was googling it because “Polcovich” ends the same as “Vukovich”, another prospect available in the draft I liked as a target for the Mariners, and I got interested in where the “-vich” surname is common, and one thing I will miss about quarantine is having the time to chase down every single Google rabbit hole that occurs to me.]

As the Mariners note, there’s no one in left field, which will probably be staffed again by coach Louis Boyd, who was an infielder with the Mariners just two seasons ago. But really they could just wheel the Shug’s Soda Fountain cart in from the bullpen and it would be just about as good defensively as many of the left fielders the Mariners have rolled out over time.

Game time is 2:35-ish and you can watch on the Mariners’ YouTube channel. Rick Rizzs and Gary Hill Jr. are scheduled to be on the call.