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Open Game Thread - July 13, 2020

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The one with no DHs and no audio commentary

Seattle Mariners Summer Workouts
summer of jarred
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Greetings and happy Monday. I am pleased to report the weather does not currently suck in the greater Seattle area. I am also pleased to report there is another instrasquad practice game between a bunch of very intriguing Mariners players and it is available to be streamed on YouTube dot com. There will be no audio commentary today, so shout out to baseball fans who are into ASMR. Today is truly your day. To the lineups!

Per Divish’s note, the pitchers are switched here. Apparently Taijuan has made some special requests:

So I guess we’ll just see how this all unfolds.

Other things to watch for:

  • Jarred Kelenic and Julio Rodriguez will get their hacks in and I am READY FOR IT.
  • Brand-new 2020 draftees Kaden Polcovich and Zach DeLoach also get the start. I know none of this is the ideal baseball situation under normal circumstances, but damn it is one cool silver lining to get to see brand new prospects in shining HD streaming quality at T-Mobile field a month after they were drafted. Sure beats an occasional crooked, grainy CF-fixed camera in Shitsburg, Delaware that barely works in MiLB.TV.
  • I’m very excited to get another look at Taijuan Walker’s velocity as he continues his long road back to MLB action. His last start in the Cactus League was promising, so hopefully he continues to progress and stays healthy.
  • On the other squad, it will be delightful to get our first look at Ljay Newsome in quite some time. He was on track to probably make some MLB appearances in 2020 at some point, but if things go well for him and the wackiness of the large rotation and taxi squad continues throughout the 60-game season, I imagine we could see him in MLB games even sooner than expected.
  • Will Kyle Lewis go yard again? My bold prediction: TWICE.
  • And here’s an update on Mallex Smith and Dylan Moore:

Game time: 2:45 PM PDT
Link to Mariners YouTube channel