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Lookout Landing Podcast 120: Joey Gerber calls from Summer Camp

The Mariners’ young pitcher on the scene at T-Mobile Park, living in a hotel, and embracing Seattle

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MLB: Seattle Mariners-Media Day Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

0:00-20:55: We have an actual player for the Seattle Mariners on the show! Joey Gerber, who is currently at Summer Camp with the team, calls in from the team hotel. What’s it like to have your entire life distilled into a baseball stadium and a hotel? Who’s in charge? Are the feds watching? We also learn what players Joey has gravitated to and how they’re passing the time. Joey shares his excitement to be in a temperate climate after growing up in the Midwest and spending last season between Modesto and Arkansas.

21:00-36:25: Joey has what scouts and writers love to call a “funky delivery”. Where did that come from? Being from a cold-weather area in an overlooked part of the country, how did Joey end up making a name for himself in baseball? Now that he’s here, what’s the approach to camp and seeing live hitting again?

36:30-49:55: What sort of dark magic had to happen for a dude from a town called Maple Grove to end up with the Mariners? Is there anything from back home that Joey wants to bring here, or vice versa? Who’s impressed Joey at camp so far?

50:00-1:26:00: Saying goodbye to Joey Gerber and hello to listener questions! Thank you to everyone who sent us things to talk about. We cover potential Mariner MVP’s, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Years while also re-casting The Breakfast Club with guys from Seattle’s roster.

Music: “Definition” by Black Star // “Hang On To Yourself” by David Bowie

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