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FanPost Friday: Favorite AL West Player, non-Mariners Division

Go ahead, covet thy neighbor

World Series - Washington Nationals v Houston Astros - Game Six
a cheater, but probably still pretty good sans cheating? maybe we’ll find out some day
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Hello and welcome back to FanPost Friday. Wow, what a week. Thanks for hearing us out as we wrote about the current Black Lives Matter protests yesterday and how it relates to the Mariners, but since it’s Friday and we all need a brief break from cripplingly sad shit, let’s talk about baseball for a bit, shall we? Specifically, the AL West!

This prompt would be a lot more fun if there were actual MLB baseball happening right now, but we can always reminiscence.

Who is your favorite AL West player, non-Mariners division?

This is in no way an exercise for me to take notes on LLers’ loyalty to the Mariners (hides microphone sticking out of my shirt collar). No, really, we all covet players we can’t have on our favorite teams, right? And since we get REAL familiar with the AL West teams each season when the Mariners play them a billion times, it’s easy to long for certain players to one day wear the navy, silver, & northwest green.

There are some pretty obvious answers out there based on fWAR alone, but I’m curious to hear your picks. Give me a top 3 in the comments, or write a whole FanPost ode to Matt Chapman or George Springer. Your choice! For bonus points, give me a vintage AL West player that you always wanted on the Mariners, your Vlad Guerreros and JT Snows and so on.

Have a good weekend and be kind to each other out there.