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They Might Be Mariners, Ep. 13: Minor league cuts & the back of the draft

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Projecting prospects most impacted by the floated roster setup, as well as ramifications of recent AL West business decisions.

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Cincinnati Reds v Seattle Mariners
Farewell, Chris Mariscal.
Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Among many other things, this was a grim few weeks for baseball in the United States. The Mariners cut 44 minor leaguers, including several players with longer tenures in the organization than anyone not named Seager. John, Joe, and Kate talk through a number of players whose careers in Seattle’s affiliation came to an end this week, with a focus on the implications for the minor leagues going forward, what the Arizona Fall League may look like, and how independent baseball will be increasingly worth everyone’s time.

At around the 35:00 minute mark, the discussion turns to the draft. Georgia RHP Emerson Hancock has been mocked to the Mariners a couple times now, representing a surprising shift for one of the premier arms in the pool. We go into what’s precipitated that perceived slip and whether we’d be on board if he’s still available at No. 6 (you can hear Kate screaming ‘YES’!!!! without the headphones). Afterwards, we turn our focus beyond the first round and each talk through a few names at every pick - 43, 64, 78, 107, and 137, who could be available and would fit our desires and Seattle’s needs, to provide some “ones to watch” for next week’s draft.

If you have questions, next week’s podcast will drop on Tuesday as a prep episode for the Wednesday and Thursday draft.

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