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They Might Be Mariners, Ep. 17: Taxi Squad Thoughts and Prep Showcasing

Safety, development, and the next wave.

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Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Over the weekend, with the season suddenly in the headlights, the TMBM crew came together to talk about the implications of MLB’s plan, and the all-but-spoken cancellation of the minor league season. We also talk the Mariners draft a bit more, with the benefit of further hindsight, and talk about the Perfect Game prep showcase, which highlighted some of the best high school talent in the nation recently. Afterwards, we go into listener questions, focused on the depth on the taxi squad, and how the Mariners appear to be using their player pool to get their top prospects as much work and big league adjacency as possible. Does that seem wise? And what does that mean for players who weren’t selected, and their developmental goals and expectations? And is there anything safe at all that can be done for them?

Music: “500 Horses” by Cousin Stizz / “Misty Morning Rain” by Ray LaMontagne

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