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Lookout Landing Podcast 119: The Mariners... are back?

The MLB season is on again, which would be more exciting if not for *gestures every direction*

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Red Sox v Mariners

Note: At around the midpoint (30 minutes in) John’s audio quality drops off for some reason. It’s only a mild difference but he does get quieter, apologies for the inconvenience.

0:00-14:00: So they’re gonna do this baseball thing. Matthew, Kate, and John share their trepidation for the logistics of the MLB season in the throes of a resurgence (did we ever halt the first surgence?) of COVID-19 nationwide, and somehow end up talking about cup stacking and waveboards for a while.

14:00-28:00: We dig into the temporary (or not) rule changes. Universal DHs, runners on second in extra innings, no spitting, altered ILs, and of course, the wet rag. Whose ass is going to be soaking wet for us, the viewer?

28:00-End: Questions! What is an ideal shortened Mariners season in our eyes? Is there any way MLB doesn’t royally screw this up and get a ton of people sick? How should the Mariners handle their prospects? Where is Yasiel Puig at anyways? How will a trade deadline (and trade market) work or develop, and will it impact any of the potential short-term players on Seattle’s roster? Plus, who will have the most creative “safe” celebrations?

Music: “Just” by Mark Ronson & Alex Greenwald (Radiohead cover)

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