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“Junior” debuts on MLB Network tomorrow, June 21st, at 5 PM PDT

MLB Network Presents: Junior

1997 All-Star Game

If you have a Last Dance-sized hole in your Sundays, fear not: MLB Network is here for you tomorrow, June 21st, with a 90-minute-long premiere of a new installment in their MLB Network Presents: series all about Ken Griffey Jr. Put on your Zubaz and Starter jackets and settle in for a full hour and a half starring Seattle’s most iconic sports star (I will be taking no further questions or comments on this statement). The show starts at 5 PM PT but will re-air at 9 PM, in case you’re busy with Father’s Day commitments or the like.

Speaking of Father’s Day, that timing is entirely intentional, as “Junior” promises to focus not only on the Kid’s superstar career but also weaves in plenty of detail about his relationship with his father (and eventual teammate!), Ken Griffey Sr., including copious highlights of the 1991 game where father and son homered back-to-back, a feat that will most likely never again be seen in baseball.

The documentary features the Seattle baseball bingo of voices you expect—Harold Reynolds, Dan Wilson, Lou Piniella, Edgar Martinez, and (sigh) Mackelmore—as well as some less-oft-heard voices like LeBron James, Bo Jackson, and Gary Payton. And, bonus, it’s narrated by Sterling K. Brown, who you might know as N’Jobu from Black Panther or Randall Pearson from This Is Us but who I know as Vampire Hunter Gordon Walker, it’s not important how I know that. (If you watch this trailer, mute the first 22 seconds to avoid hearing Manfred’s voice, a sound that provokes actual anger in me these days.)

MLBN will be running a full slate of Griffey programming all day, starting at 8 AM PT with his two-HR game against the Rangers, followed by the 1992 All-Star Game (where Griffey won MVP) at 10 AM, and then Game 5 at noon, and then feel free to take a few hours off before the show starts at 5. ...Fine, it’s Griffey’s 500th home run which he does as a member of the Reds which reminds me we have to share the Griffey legacy with Cincinnati which always ticks me off a little. In the meantime might I suggest instead you listen to the latest LL podcast where Ryan Rowland-Smith tells a particularly hilarious anecdote about his MLB debut, which happens to feature The Kid himself.