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FanPost Friday: Major League Baseball in 2020?

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It’s happening! No, wait, it’s not happening. Wait, now it’s now happening again...maybe?

NEWS: MAY 09 Coronavirus in Washington Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire

Every week of the delayed 2020 MLB season has been full of back and forth announcements and proclamations from both the MLBPA and the MLB owners, but this week in particular has been more whiplash-y than most as we approach the end of the line in terms of a feasible start time to the season.

Watching this situation unfold has been truly unpleasant and I think most of us are either in the camp of a) shut the fuck up and figure it out, let us know when you’re done or b) it’s not safe to play in 2020 due to COVID-19, period.

I have no idea if the 2020 season is going to happen. This delay and inability to come to an agreement on a shortened season has highlighted long-brewing labor and financial issues between players and owners and strongly suggests that a general strike awaits us in the very near future. I just know I miss baseball, but also don’t want people’s lives to be in danger because of a sport.

So, sound off in the comments with:

  1. What you want to see happen with MLB in 2020
  2. What should happen with MLB in 2020

Hang in there, everyone. Have a good weekend. Observe Juneteenth today if you are inclined. Celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday if that’s your thing. Celebrate Pride Month all June. Bottom line, take care of yourself and look out for others as best you can.