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Lookout Landing Podcast 118: Ryan Rowland-Smith shares stories from his Mariner career

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The Australian pitcher on baseball in his homeland, playing for Bill Bavasi and Jack Z, and what went down during the Mariners’ infamous 2010 season

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Seattle Mariners v Chicago White Sox

0:00-19:55: Ryan Rowland-Smith is here! The former Mariner pitcher and current Mariner analyst has his own podcast now, and he recently created an animation to go with it.

What else has Ryan been up to during the lockdown? What does he miss the most about the rhythms of an MLB season? He mentions how unfortunate it is that many of the Mariners’ young pitchers’ development will be thrown off by this prolonged break. Find out which type of player Ryan thinks you should “never pick high up in drafts”. Of course, given that we are a serious baseball podcast, we also get into a conversation about the everyday hustles of Newcastle, Australia.

20:00-32:30: Ryan re-lives his first American experiences, which came in the lush meadows of Arizona. What would he do differently if he were a prospect today? This leads to some stories about how the Mariners ran their organization when Ryan was coming up through the ranks. Bill Bavasi, cover your ears.

32:35-47:25: It’s time to find out what was really happening in 2010. Were Chone Figgins and Casey Kotchman as toxic as we thought? (Spoiler alert: yes.) They didn’t even enjoy FanFest! Ryan also pulls the curtain back on those conversations that players have while shagging balls at batting practice. Which organization that he went to after leaving the Mariners had the most impressive player development system?

47:30-58:00: What is the state of baseball in Australia? Who are some of the kids Ryan is developing with his NxtGen Baseball program that we should know about?

58:05-1:39:00: Let’s remember some of Ryan Rowland Smith’s highest highs and lowest lows from a wild MLB career. Who does he remember having success against? Who does he remember having…not success against? What seemed to happen every time he pitched to Derek Jeter? We also get into Ryan’s experience on American Ninja Warrior an end with his definitive Jack Zduriencik story.

Music: “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan // “Charity” by Courtney Barnett

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