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Sporcle Friday: Most Hits By a Mariner Switch Hitter

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[Will Smith voice] Heyyy switch, turn it over and hit it. Turn around, now switch. Turn it over and hit it

Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners

I think we all have a decent understanding of how hard switch hitting would be, but none of us really UNDERSTAND how HARD switch hitting would be.

Imagine you’re a young person pursuing your career path. You develop a pretty good feel for the profession and think you could go pretty far in it. Then, just to be sure, you decide to learn it a completely different way. It’s both a wise career move and the ultimate flex. It’d be like if a NASCAR driver won the Daytona 500 and then came back the next year and did the whole race in reverse. That’d be so sick.

The Mariners don’t really have an elite switch hitter from any point of their strange and tumultuous history. They do, however, have a switch hitter who accumulated over 1,000 hits for the team. Those hits are skewed much more to the left-handed batter’s box, but it’s still quite an accomplishment nevertheless. It’s also more than eight times as many as the 20th guy on this list, who just narrowly beat out Ben Davis and Ruben Sierra.