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MLB Draft Day Two: Open Thread and Draft Tracker

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You mean we get baseball content AGAIN?!

Major League Baseball Archive: Under Armour All-American Game Photo by Stephen Green/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Hello! Fresh off a BRAND NEW MARINER today we get FIVE MORE brand new Mariners. What a time to be alive, truly. Just ignore that we’d have, like, 32 brand new Mariners if things were anything approaching normal. Here’s your place for day two draft discussion. Let’s get the lay of the land.

Kate and Joe talked through day one of the draft.

And we also got some hot fresh content out about some guys you could see us go for in later rounds.

Joe gave us some names to watch on day two.

And lastly, Kate took a break from hunting down Baron Radcliff gifs to share her thoughts:

The draft kicks off at 2PM with the Mariners once again holding the sixth selection of the day (43 overall). It airs on, MLB Network, and ESPN2. Have fun!

Draft Tracker:

Pick #1, 6th overall - RHP Emerson Hancock, Georgia

Pick #2, 43rd overall - OF Zach DeLoach, Texas A&M

Pick #3, 64th overall (Comp Round B) - RHP Connor Phillips, MacLennan CC

Pick #4, 78th overall - 2B/INF Kaden Polcovich, Oklahoma State

Pick #5, 107th overall - 3B Tyler Keenan, Mississippi

Pick #6, 137th overall - RHP Taylor Dollard, Cal Poly