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MLB Draft Day One: Open Thread

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There’s Real New Baseball Content!!!

Major League Baseball Archive: Under Armour All-American Game Photo by Stephen Green/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Hello and welcome to day one of the MLB Draft. The Draft kicks off at 4 Pacific; check out our previous post for how to watch! (Hint: MLB Network, ESPN, or

With about 5 minutes between picks, we should have plenty of time to chatter in anticipation as things start to go down before the Mariners pick somewhere a little before 4:30 (to be safe). Also, I think Jeff Passan broke every pick on twitter last year. Stupid ESPN monopolies. I’m going on record that we will take Emerson Hancock without any inside information whatsoever. This is a stone cold lock of a prediction.

I know you’re all rusty, but behave yourselves in this here open thread. I, personally, am in the Best Shape of My Life.*