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Introducing Pitcher List’s Women in Baseball Panel

Lookout Landing’s Kate Preusser will be featured as a panelist, while Michael Ajeto will be moderating!

Since Thursday, Pitcher List has been hosting a four-day online baseball conference called PitchCon. While it is heavily skewed towards the fantasy baseball industry, there are several examples of non-fantasy presentations and topics. Look no further than PitchCon’s Women in Baseball panel.

The panel, set to air at 8:00 PM EST on Saturday, May 30th, will feature Lookout Landing’s own Kate Preusser, Shelly Verougstraete (Pitcher List/RotoGraphs), Sara Sanchez (Bleed Cubbie Blue), Janice Scurio (South Side Hit Pen), and Ellen Adair (Take Me In to the Ballgame/Actor). We will discuss the panel members’ respective paths to getting into the industry, their experiences, as well as advice that they have for people, specifically women, who are trying to pursue a gig in the general baseball industry.

It is being live-streamed for free via Rally Up, Twitch, and Twitter, and there are a host of prizes that are being raffled off (sign up here). Perhaps most importantly, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Feeding America, a network of food banks that feeds over 40 million Americans. For those of you who miss the panels and presentations, they will be available next week on Pitcher List’s YouTube channel.

For more information, visit Pitcher List’s website, or read the initial PitchCon post here. We hope to see you there!